Psychophysical Effects of Experiencing Burning Hands in Augmented Reality

Abstract Can interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences induce involuntary sensations through additional modalities? In this paper we report on our AR experience that enables users to see and hear their own hands burning while looking through a Video See-Through Head-Mounted Display (VST-HMD). In an exploratory study (n=12, within-subject design), we investigated whether this will lead to an involuntary heat sensation based on visual and auditory stimuli. A think-aloud-protocol and an AR presence questionnaire indicated that six out of twelve participants experienced an involuntary heat sensation on their hands.

Exploring Perceptual and Cognitive Effects of Extreme Augmented Reality Experiences

We will investigate perceptual and cognitive responses of users of several extreme Augmented Reality experiences on an Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display (a). They will see their hands: on fire (b), being covered by dirt ©, affected by arthritis (d), a wound (e), and applied with virtual bandage. Abstract In this proposed Ph.D. research, we are aiming to create several extreme Augmented Reality (AR) that evoke measurable physiological and neurological responses in the human brain.