HORIZON is an interactive audiovisual piece created for the 360 stereoscopic panorama Gallery in the school of creative media in CityU. The piece explores the relationship between space and horizon while experimenting with visual and spatial codes and illusions that tap into the sensory perception of horizontality and motion.  The fact that the visual and the balance system in human perception are interrelated and are prone to illusions open the door to the search for new interesting effects. The work intends to tap into phenomena like fake horizon illusion, Autokenesis and other effects related to sensorimotor feedback loops, exploiting these effects to find new narrative codes within this unexplored big format. The goal was to create an immersive real-time experience, building tools and workflows to produce high-end cinematic computer graphics that were edited and modified live with a certain degree of interactivity while developing workflows to render the content using cutting edge real-time distributed rendering systems.

Alejandro Rodríguez
Senior Researcher