SlidAR+: Gravity-Aware 3D Object Manipulation for Handheld Augmented Reality


Accurately placing virtual objects in a scene is a challenging tasks in handheld augmented reality (HAR). To add and arrange virtual objects in HAR, users must manipulate 6 degrees of freedom (DoFs) of the virtual object, namely: position (3) and orientation (3). However, it is difficult to manipulate all DoFs with the two-dimensional display of the handheld device. We present SlidAR+, a method for controlling the position and orientation of objects in HAR. SlidAR+ is an extension of SlidAR [1], a technique that allows users to control the position of a virtual object by manipulating only 1 DoF. We use the direction of gravity as a constraint to improve the user’s control and reduce the time it takes to adjust the orientation. Upon comparing it with a state-of-the-art object manipulation method, using SlidAR+, user were able to complete the tasks faster under our expected conditions and were also preferred by most participants.

Computers & Graphics